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Trump Victory Kayoes TPP

Jerri-Lynn here: In this short post, the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s (INET) Jack Gao reports on some implications of the White House’s concession that the election of Donald Trump has kayoed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Although Hillary Clinton also claimed to have reversed her initial support for […]

Bitcoin News

Safe browsing and the role of SSL

At Blockchain, we ‘Sanctify Security’. Security is at the core of our business and everything we build. We go the extra mile to underscore best security practices like using a secure password, enabling two-factor authentication, and making a wallet backup. SSL certificates are another way to keep you safe online. […]

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Links 11/17/16

Patient readers, today’s Links are still very election-heavy. I’m worried about what the heck the usual suspects are getting away with as we (and Politico (and WaPo (and the NYT (and the FT)))) focus on the drama in Manhattan and the Beltway. Those of you who send us links, please […]


Tweeting Brexit: Narrative Building and Sentiment Analysis

Lambert here: One might imagine “sentiment engineers,” gaming Twitter, using sentiment analysis as a metric for their success. Interesting nonetheless, given Twitter’s role in the Presidential election just past. By Giuseppe Porcaro, Head of Communications and Events at Bruegel, and Henrik Muller, Professor of economic and political Journalism at the […]

Watercooler Talk

2:00PM Water Cooler 11/16/2016

By Lambert Strether of Corrente. TTP/TTIP/TISA “Trump Eyes Trade-Deal Critic for Commerce Secretary: Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross is the leading pick for Commerce secretary in Donald Trump’s Cabinet, multiple sources told POLITICO. Ross, who has criticized trade deals including the North American Free Trade Agreement, is the founder of the […]

Daily Links

Links 11/16/16

Cosmic ‘barcode’ from distant galaxy confirms Nature’s constancy Science Daily Leaks and Mold Are Ruining the Disney Magic in Celebration, Florida WSJ SEC approves vast surveillance system for stock market FT Walgreens Claims Theranos Voided 11.3% of Test Reports WSJ Walmart Sued for Selling Fake Egyptian Cotton Products Sourcing Journal […]